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What is Kanegi?

Kanegi is a female-led tech startup for
inner-wellbeing inspired by multicultural meditation methods

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine well-being for all, curating customized flow experiences that elevate inner peace in daily life through our multi-sensory meditation pods.

Our Vision

Kanegi envisions a world where peace reigns effortlessly, purpose is embraced by all, and happiness becomes the norm in everyday life.

Our Value

At Kanegi, we boldly embody a unique blend of qualities that define our essence and set us apart. As a female-led, Gen Z-driven brand, we bring a fresh perspective to the table. Kanegi is not just a brand; it is a philosophy, an experience of serenity that unfolds the moment you enter our zen:pod.

Meet the team

Simran Suri

CEO & Founder

Kaoru Kuribayashi

Experience Curator

Sanjana Suri

Legal Advisor

Rhea Jain

Creative Designer

Nidhi Nimodia

Interior & Space Designer

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